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Green Insurance agents specialize in Medicare, and our agents work for you and not the insurance company. The Green Insurance Agency has many years of experience in Medicare help. The focus is primarily on educating you about Medicare and Medicare options. Once educated, you can make an informed decision on your healthcare!

What is Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance for two groups of people. The first is those age 65 plus as well as those who are medically disabled by the Social Security Administration. People who are eligible for Original Medicare are eligible to pair it with either a Medigap Plan (also known as Medicare Supplements) and Part D Plan or a Part C Plan, also called Medicare Advantage Plan. Some of these plans include: Dental, Vision, Hearing and Fitness Memberships. We will discuss general information about Medicare and coverages available to go along with it. You can request a personalized one on one meeting with the form below.

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I just want to say that Erica is an excellent representative of the Green insurance company. She’s very knowledgeable On the complexities of Medicaid/Medicare and what the state requires and such. So if you ever have a need for insurance of any kind, please call the Green insurance company. Be sure you ask for Erica, You’ll be glad you did..Dr.Terry H.Local Jacksonville Pastor
Until this year I've never had to think about Medicare or its coverages. I have had the opportunity to sit down with Bill at Green Insurance and he took the time to explain to me in layman's terms exactly what the policy covers and help me pick the right one to fit my needs as well as my budget. If you need to talk about Insurance Call them youll be glad you did..LG
The Green Insurance Agency is one of the best choices I’ve made when I moved to the Fleming Island Jacksonville area. Bill Green is easy to work with and explains the process without talking over my head. I felt like I made the right decision in regards to my insurance needs and I’ve never felt like I was pushed or pressured in anyway throughout my time with the Green Insurance Agency
Very informative and helpful to me about Medicare coverage.
Bill was great on educating me on my options moving forward. If you have health insurance questions or issues, please give Bill a call.
Erica was Terrific.! She diligentlyWork with a billing manger who was VERY RUDE & loud on numerous calls. Finally she resolved the issue positively for the patient/ME!I will call Erica anytime for help. Thanks Erica ❤️
It was great and mr.martins helped me to understand so much. And I have recommended Greens INS to a lot of my co. Workers.
I was given the number to call by my sister inlaw to help me get health insurance, upon calling I could tell I was with the right people for this. Bill answered all of my questions and made the process so easy. We found the perfect plan tailored for my needs. After just a few minutes I had a plan I felt good about. 10/10 highly recommend this company.
After months of trying to get clarification from my insurance company regarding a claim I contacted Erika and she went to work on it! She identified that the charge should have been processed through my Part D benefit instead of medical, submitted the claim for me and today I received the remimbursement check. I can't thank her enough for her diligence and follow up on this claim.
I also run an insurance agency. I have known and worked with Bill Green behind the scenes for the last year. I have personally observed the kindness, generosity, and integrity through which they operate their business. I wholeheartedly endorse them.
He's been my agent for a few years now and is always extremely patient,kind and helpful. He will remain my go to agent.
Great information and easy to understand 🙂 thank youBill Mertens
I recently went to Bill Green Insurance Agency to help me set up health insurance for my mother. The experience was great! The administrative staff was very helpful working with me to complete all the necessary paperwork required. They explained everything in detail and answered all my questions/concerns. The process was quick and easy. Their response on e-mails and phone calls were in a timely manner. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking for Health / Medicare insurance plans.
I was referred to the agency by a friend I'm very thankful and happy with the agency. Very professional, as well as personable guiding me through the Medicare maze.Great service second time around. Five STAR
Bill and his team were awesome. Was quick and painless to enroll in both a Medicare supplement and prescription plan. I would highly recommend him for any and all your insurance needs.
Green Insurance was a God-send!!!! My son aged out of his previous military sponsored Tricare health insurance plan; he has a serious preexisting health condition that requires very expensive medication and we had no idea how to proceed....we were terrified!!!I talked around; did my own online research; called other insurance companies and no one seemed to have a clue what move to make next. Then, we met Mr. Bill Mertens, agent with Green Insurance Agency. Bill with his laid-back manners, his vast knowledge of the insurance world and reassuring self confidence, rapidly put us at ease. We knew almost immediately we were at the right place! Within a few short minutes he taught us how to traverse the complicated world of marketplace health insurance; he validated many of our old assumptions and corrected others and he assured us we were on the right path toward re-insuring our son. We believed we would never find another insurance plan to match or even come close to our son's previous policy....we were very worried but now he has a new insurer; all of his medical needs are covered and we now actually pay less than we did with his previous policy.....Thanks Green Insurance and thank you Bill Mertens!
Great very good information. Great guy
Extremely professional and polite. Easy to deal with, signed me up over the phone.
After 5 months as clients of the Green Insurance Agency and of Bill Mertens, we would still gladly give them a 5-star rating.Bill M. has been proactive, concerned and resourceful in checking up on our various insurance programmes and the service we have been receiving.When it appeared that our Out of Pocket expenses via one programme would exceed our expectations, he was able to quickly evaluate options and make a recommendation, and the swiftly process the necessary applications to change to a better option.We are very grateful for and applaud his excellent customer service & professionalism !
My testimonial - incredible insurance agent. Bill Mertens. My experience has been met with kindness, understanding, listening, researching, most importantly total success in selection of insurance packages. And at a low cost for out of pocket. Thank very much you Bill.
Bill Mertens helped me find new health care coverage as I was about to retire. He was knowledgeable about ACA Marketplace and made certain my prescriptions were covered by the nee insurance company. Bill is patient, and easy to work with.
Great Experience with these folks. Very courteous and professional. I was looking for guidance and options and was given many helpful thoughts. I would recommend as there was no pressure but many thoughtful options to choose from
It took just under an hour, but Bill was thorough in making sure he had all bases covered before giving me the answer of what insurance was best suited for me. I'm very pleased with our conversation and the insurance he paid me with. So much so that I had my son call him to go over his insurance!! Excellent agent!!
Bill Mertens is a great guy This is the 2nd time going to him and he’s right on point. Will be using his agency forever. Very pleasant and understanding. A 10 out 10.
Bill was very helpful!
Bill Mertens helped me every step of the way - I will definitely go back to him with all of my insurance questions. He took his time, explained everything in detail and was responsive-got a call back within the half hour! unheard of these days.. Thank you Bill. I appreciate you!
This was the best recommendation I've received in a while! The insurance agent I had took note of the things that I needed in a plan and quickly weeded out all the ones that did not match all the way down to just 2-3 options. I had a new plan in less than an hour! 😃I only wish I found them sooner! It would have saved me 2 years of l frustration and anxiety in using the Marketplace, which so often had incorrectly detailed plans that I was then stuck with for the whole year 😐 I was so thankful to be free of the marketplace website and I was amazed how fast the agent helped me find a great plan!
Bill Mertens walked me through everything that I would need to continue my healthcare!Great job!
Customer service and support was amazing. They were able to answer all of my questions and get me the best affordable policy they could find. I highly recommend Them.
Bill Green and his associates and staff have helped me over the years and recently in choosing a health plan for my daughter. I highly recommend you give this agency a call. A Professional, Personalized experience awaits !
Bill Green insurance team are awesome.
If you are looking for an agency that can navigate the confusing waters of insurance look no further! Fantastic work, excellent customer service, and delivered exactly what was promised! Thank you for all your hard work! I would highly recommend!
Mr.Green is super knowledgeable. It was such a relief to get everything done so competently and stress-free.
Bill Green's insurance agency is AMAZING! I highly recommend you reach out to them. Geri Darlington
Easy peasy to get Medicare sorted with Bill Green! What a mess to sort out on my own...
They communicate with us. Make sure we understand everything. Very helpful with any concerns.
I was kicked off my previous Medicare advantage plan because my income from disability was higher than the state’s poverty level. I was referred to Bill Green to find a good plan. I was so satisfied with what he was able to find I signed up with the plan he suggested. I also want to mention that the website for Medicare Advantage plans available in my area did not have all the options available for me and didn’t offer me the plan Bill Green set me up with. So, doing it on your own doesn’t always benefit you. The staff on the office were very friendly and professional. In addition I was able to get my plan options via phone appointment with Bill Green. So convenient!
I am relatively new to Medicare and with all of the advertising around Medicare Supplement plans or Advantage plans, I was a bit overwhelmed. Enter Bill Mertens! He was very patient, answering my numerous questions (many probably revealed my lack of knowledge), while showing me the benefits and detriments of the various plans, including the one I was currently enrolled in. If you have additional Medicare needs, Bill is the one to speak with. Thank you Bill!
Bill was extremely knowledgeable, kind and engaging. I got exactly the kind of policy I needed without having to jump through hoops. Highly recommend!!
The Green Insurance Agency was so helpful to my husband and I. Bill Mertens was very professional and let us know important information about Medicare, also answered all our questions. We were very happy with the our choices because of his help. Thank you Mr. Mertens!
Bill was helpful and knowledgeable when it came to making a medicare supplement insurance decision. I highly recommend this company for all your insurance needs.