Hospital & Cancer Plans

Did you know that nearly 70% of all bankruptcy’s come from medical bills? Unexpected illnesses can come out of no where, or they can be long diagnosed but lay dormant. There could be underlying triggers, some more sever than others. Then there are the associated hospital bills!

Hospital Costs

No matter what type of medical insurance you have one of the highest costs in using the plan will be the co-pay or co-insurance for a Hospital admission.

Many plans have a set co-pay amount. Original Medicare in 2019 your first day in the hospital is $1364 or on a Medicare Advantage plan the costs will vary widely. On major medical or Affordable Care Act coverage some plans will have a per day cost others will may just be a set %.


According to the American Cancer Society both men and women have an almost 40% chance of developing cancer at some point in their lifetime.

On nearly any medical insurance, whether it is major medical or Medicare, the medical costs for Cancer are usually the same – 20% of the cost for chemotherapy drugs up to your maximum out of pocket. But what if there is a new experimental treatment that your insurance will not approve?