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Medicare help for free!

Green Insurance agents specialize in Medicare, and our agents work for you and not the insurance company. The Green Insurance Agency has many years of experience in Medicare help. The focus is primarily on educating you about Medicare and Medicare options. Once educated, you can make an informed decision on your healthcare!

What is Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance for two groups of people. The first is those age 65 plus as well as those who are medically disabled by the Social Security Administration. People who are eligible for Original Medicare are eligible to pair it with either a Medigap (also known as Supplements) and Part D plan or a Part C or Medicare Advantage. Some of these plans include: Dental, Vision, Hearing and Fitness Memberships. We will discuss general information about Medicare and coverages available to go along with it. You can request a personalized one on one meeting with the form below.

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We are extremely pleased with the Green Insurance Agency. Being fairly new to dealing with an Advantage plan, we have had many questions regarding our claims and reimbursements. After calling twice and spending 50 minutes dealing with a representative from our plan, we were getting none of our questions answered. Representatives didn't know the answers and promised to call us back. Days went by and we never got any calls back. So, we reached out to our insurance broker, the Green Insurance Agency. Theresa immediately took over dealing with the company which was a great relief to us. She was patient, listened to our concerns and got back to us with answers, even mailing us forms that we needed to fill out. We are very grateful that we chose them and highly recommend them to others.
It can be crazy trying to navigate Medicare on your own. Green insurance agency did a fantastic job helping me out. Especially Ms Carol Ivey. She is top notch and can answer any problems or questions you might have.
Great experience with Mike. I am very satisfied with his work. He explained everything so well. Thanks
Everyone I spoke with was very friendly and helpful. I am moving soon and needed to get health insurance before getting there. Bill was able to do that for me. I will continue to use him for all medical insurance needs.
Very kind and Helpful Erika and the team were !
Very nice and helpful
I had the opportunity to work with Erika on to problems I needed help with today. The biggest issue was filling out paper work and I have very low vision and I found myself very upset trying to take care of forms. She spent two days on the phone and we were able to get through the paperwork. I am so very Thankful for her help, her wonderfully calm nature, and positive nature. Thank You Erika!
Very nice and helpful
Great agent to work with. Wants the best he can get for you.
They helped me get signed up with Medicare, and Erica stuck with it to work through any complications. Much appreciated.
Theresa is very helpful and thorough! I really appreciate her service and has amazing customer service!
Bill Green is the real deal. When I switched to Medicare he made the process a breeze. Also, his staff will help you with any problem you have with insurance claims, etc., and that alone is worth its weight in gold. It's so rare to find a company like this these days. Highly recommended.
Well I had to redo my medicare insurance and Teresa suggested that I come see her boss that he would take care of me and he did very well very professionally I just wanted to say thank you for everything
Erica was Terrific.! She diligentlyWork with a billing manger who was VERY RUDE & loud on numerous calls. Finally she resolved the issue positively for the patient/ME!I will call Erica anytime for help. Thanks Erica ❤️
Bill was great to work with and very knowledgable in the products that he offered. Recommend to anyone who is lost in the Medicare maze!
This has been one of the best decisions we could have made when retirement was approaching for myself and my wife. It is so difficult to know if you are doing things correctly when entering the Medicare time of life. We never have to worry about making mistakes. Bill, Erica, & everyone there at the agency are top notch, as well as informed and incredibly patient and kind. Thank goodness we went to their free introductory dinner.Thank you all so very much.Matthew & Alice Krepley
Bill Green and his office have been helping my husband and I over the last 5 years find the absolute best Medicare plans to fit our specific needs. We highly recommend !!!
Bill is so helpful. He was able to get my husband and I affordable insurance. His office worked hard to help my daughter when there was a dispute with a Dr office about a bill. Thank you, Bill, for all your help.
Bill Green and his staff have been very helpful and knowledgeable in helping us with our needs. I highly recommend them!
Bill Green is very knowledgable about all of the health care and Medicare options. Instead of trying to sift through plans you don't understand, let the expert find the perfect plan for you. I also recommend everyone go through an agent because, when you have the inevitable problems, the agents are better equipped to help you navigate a solution than if you were on your own.
Bill was very helpful with our insuranceneeds. Thanks
Bill Green is the best , goes beyond to help meet your health care needs
Bill is awesome. I emailed him to inquire about finding health insurance. He replied quickly and is very flexible with scheduling appointments. Speaking with him was easy, he was very informative. I recommended him. I was almost in tears by the end of our phone call. I’ve spent years without health insurance due to the cost of it. He found me an affordable plan, and now I can have my health care needs met. Definitely give him a call.
Excellent customer service. A pleasure to deal with. They are always available to help.
Always willing to help get the best insurance coverage to meet by needs. Thank you
Bill handled my health insurance needs quickly and was able to get my preferred doctors in network as well. Thanks for taking care of my family.
I met with Bill Green during open Medicare enrollment. He was extremely knowledgeable and very efficient. He thoroughly explained my options and was able to effectively answer all my questions.
Bill Green, thank you for guiding me through the intricacies of the health insurance world.It is so complex that it is important to have expert advice and I appreciate you so very much!
Bill Green is very knowledgeable, he is very helpful. He answered all my questions and got me set up with the best insurance for my situation.
Very friendly and very helpful in the insurance field
Very QUICK with responding to any questions or issues I have & extremely polite & listens to you very patiently!
Found this gift of a place when I when to a Medicare seminar. There was a lot information, but they did not pressure me. I made an appointment with Bill Green and have found him, and others in the agency, very sincere and professional 🙌
The little extras make all the difference.
Bill made it simple to navigate through Medicare. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend him.
I met Bill Green 2 years ago and he has been the best, if you have any questions he will answer them, he has been helping me with my insurance in picking the best Medicare plan for me , he has also helped my daughter with some insurance needs for her. I like the fact that I can talk person to person with him , like I said got a question call him or someone in his office. Thanks for being there .
Bill Green saved me more money on my insurance then Geico. Bill Green is the man. If Bill can't do it, you're on the wrong plan. Thanks Bill
Bill was very knowledgeable and helpful when working with me to find the best plan that will work for me.
Amazing!!! Just so great and Helpful! Seriously wouldn’t know what to do without him!
Bill Green was so helpful, patient and caring and helped myself and my son find the very best insurance plan for us. I would recommend him to anyone who has insurance needs
Bill Green insurance team are awesome.
Professional, friendly and informative. Bill really made the process easy. Thank you.
Mr Greene was very helpful. He was very patient and reviewed all our options.
Bill Green and his staff were kind enough to work around my schedule. Being a live in caregiver, flexibility is not common. He explained my options and never once made me feel pushed to sign up for a plan. He was very patient and I look forward to working with him and his staff in the future.
I was so impressed with Bill Green. He helped me find an insurance plan that works for me and my family! He answered all of my questions I had. He took time with me and I never felt rushed! This is an amazing company if you need help finding insurance!!
The helps I receive are so appreciated! I often say sometimes “life can be so hard” especially when reaching Medicare age and technology they way it is and Bill and other associates have helped me in understanding the process of how Medicare works. It’s like I ask and they do the work! I appreciate that as I am just so busy enjoying life that I haven’t the time for some of these legal matters! Thanks Bill for your help! You all are a blessing to meBeneita Flemmer
Bill makes it very easy to help you pick the best insurance for your specific needs.Don’t hesitate, give Bill a call!
Bill was very patient and helpful in figuring out as well as signing up for my mom's medicare needs.
Great people !! If you need insurance this is the place !!!
Wonderful experience, Bill and the entire office was such a big help finding insurance for my son!! Highly recommend!!
We were referred to Green Insurance Agency. Bill was great. Extremely knowledgeable on Medicare insurance and and all the choices there are to navigate through. Also, helpful with personal healthcare insurance.My husband and I would refer Bill @ Green Insurance Agency without any hesitation.
Excellent knowledge very helpful
Bill Green and his associates have been very helpful to me, working with me and my tons of questions concerning my Medicare and and my daughters insurance. Bill has so much patience with me and I am so grateful.
Bill Green is a very knowledgeable insurance agent. We could not have done it without him.
I was referred to the agency by a friend I'm very thankful and happy with the agency. Very professional, as well as personable guiding me through the Medicare maze.
My wife and I were trying to navigate the Medicare jungle for the first time and needed help. We had asked around, when the Green Insurance Agency came highly recommended to us by a co-worker. Mr. Green took the time to answer all of our questions, and help us find the right Medicare mix for our situation. Thanks Bill, for your patience and concern in getting us started on the right foot...
Very helpful and friendly Knowledgeable on the service they provide 👍👍👍
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Bill found me a much better health insurance plan than I had. Listened patiently and carefully to what my needs were and crafted a policy that will need all of them.So much easier then having to navigate through the available plans myself. Also appreciate that he will be in my “go between” with the insurance co for any questions or concerns about my policy. I would recommend him without hesitstion,
I had the honor of being referred to Bill Green when an old classmate of mine reached out on social media in search of someone reputable and well informed concerning Medicare. 2022 is class of 75’s year for Medicare… and hands down, Bill Green was the guy! Hearing great things from people you know means something…. So I reached out to him.He determined that since I am actively employed by a company who provides all forms of Healthcare to over 150 employees, I can defer moving to Medicare at this time. I was so afraid of facing fines, or having to make the change while being treated for a broken femur and back… what a nightmare if was mentally living. And forget about trying to talk with someone working for Medicare directly…. Been there done that.Here’s the kicker.. I wanted to compensate Mr Green for my time. His reply, “I merely informed you of your options, no compensation necessary. Just remember me in the future, and if you know of anyone who may need my help, please remember me”There’s no doubt it will be Bill Green I call, and will be referring him whenever the opportunity arises! Kristina Thoresen
Bill Green is very knowledgable about Medicare and patient helping me to understand all of the different aspects of Medicare. I would definitely recommend his services to friends and family.
Just FYi. Bill Green is the best. We've been with him several years now. Always ready to help.
Working with Bill Green with Green Insurance Agency was nothing but a pleasure. He helped me navigate what was a very confusing process. With Bill"s help, it was clear, consise, and painless. There was never any pressure.Not only did he hook me up with health insurance, but at a later time, he helped me with life and dental insurance. My calls and questions were always answered promptly. A Bill takes pleaure in helping people, and he does it well.
I was made aware of Mr. Green’s insurance agency via the Baker County News and Information. All I can say is I have never felt more comfortable and welcomed when working with an insurance agent. He immediately started informing me of different health insurance programs for me and my husband.
This was 6 months ago. At the time, I told him I would soon be retiring and would have some money to invest. I brought him the paperwork to complete for investing and within an hour, all forms were filled out and sent by mail. Mr. Green is well informed and knowledgeable of the insurance world and also knowledgeable of investing money. I would recommend Mr. Green to anyone who was in search of insurance for health or money investments. He gets a 5 Star Review from me.
Bonnie Jay
I am beyond grateful to Bill. I have a friend that is in a very bad situation with a cancer diagnosis and needed to change her insurance to get the care she needs right now. She told me that she didn't know where to turn. I immediately called Bill and asked for help. He came to the rescue! Healthcare is so hard to navigate and you need an advocate that has your best interests at heart. Bill is that advocate. I highly recommend him.
Great experience!!!! Bill Green helped us figure out our insurance needs and understand them. Even on the weekend he and his team go over and behind!!! Highly recommend.
Thank you Green Insurance, you are always a great help with information.Thank you 😊
Very informative and knowledgeable service ! Recommend Bill Green without reservation.
Bill Green is amazing! He can answer all the questions you may have. Choosing insurance can be so confusing (especially Medicare)but with Bill by your side it’s so easy! 🌻
Getting help and guidance on new health insurance was scary but ended up painless. Bill walked me through every step with patience and concern. I’ll definitely refer my friends and family to him
Bill was so easy to work with for my insurance needs! Very informative, took the time to explain my options, and made me feel comfortable with Mt decisions. Will happily refer the agency to others!
Very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us with our retirement, pre medicare insurance needs. Bill Greene Insurance is exceptional. Highly recommend.
Worked with me to solve my insurance needs even to the point of getting licensed in my state. So far everything as worked as planned.
I've been working with Bill Green with various healthcare solutions for over 5 years now and I can tell you that no one knows more about various health insurance options especially medicare than Bill! He's been handling Barb's Medicare supplements for years too! Just call him
From start to finish they made this one of the easiest processes. Friendly, punctual, effective!
We had a great experience working with Mr. Green. I was going on medicare and was overwhelmed with choices and cost. We discussed my personal situation and had my health supplement and drug plan in place within minutes. He well exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with him in the future.
I had a great experience at the Green Insurance Agency. Bill was awesome and took the time to thoroughly explain all of the options to me. He listed to my concerns and found coverage that addressed all of my needs.
Bill was very efficient and was very helpful in finding me a insurance provider for my medicare
6-30-22 Mr.Green was very knowledgeable,patient, understanding and empathic, he answered all my question and went into great detail about my plan info, even going as far to follow up with me!! I would strongly recommend his company to everyone. He made me feel at ease. THANK YOU!! I will be reaching back out for more product services!!!
I would like to say my experience with Green Insurance Company has been a good experience concerning Medicare and the different plans that go along with Medicare. I could have never been able to understand all the plans without Mr. Green’s expertise experience. He took time with me and answered all my questions and didn’t rush me. If I needed to get a hold of him he was right there or is secretary was very helpful. I would recommend Bill Green Insurance to help you with your Medicare needs.
Very courteous and friendly, and very helpful in answering all questions and helping my husband and myself with our health insurance needs! Thank you!
Very satisfied with green Insurance Agency mr. Green was very professional and helpful
I am 64 years old, and reached out to several insurance agents, trying to learn about Medicare. No one returned my call.But when I called Bill Green, and left him a message, he called me back within 20 minutes. We made an appointment, and in no time at all I was set up with a supplemental, vision, and dental.Very responsive and helpful!
Professional, the assistance was most appreciated. Navigating the Medicare quagmire is rather daunting, but Mr. Green explains things in an understanding way. Thanks for the help.
Bill & especially Ericka have been so very helpful navigating United Healthcare. Can’t recommend them enough!
My wife and I would like to share how much we appreciate the quality of service we have received by Bill and his staff. Not only have I benefited from his help in setting up the best Medicare package for me, but my wife has appreciated so much his help in finding the best medical AND dental insurance for her. We highly recommend the Green Insurance Agency to anyone who desires personal and timely insurance help.
Bill was very helpful in navigating through my insurance perils for the past few years. I’m not sure how I could have done it without his knowledge and willingness to answer my endless questions.
Bill was very helpful in finding a plan that covered my Drs and my meds as well as helping with add on policies to cover my out of pocket expenses should my good health turn bad
Bill and Erika are excellent to work with! Bill is very knowledgeable and helped me through the process of signing up for Medicare and getting the right supplemental plan for me. Erika is extremely helpful in getting information from me to the plan providers and answering questions as they come up. I would highly recommend the Green Insurance Agency!!
Bill made it SUPER easy to get the much needed health insurance that I have needed for A LONG TIME. I was always overwhelmed by thought of shopping for health insurance as a self employed business owner. He took the time, explained everything, followed up and got me a plan within my budget that covered all of what I needed. It was quick and painless! He made strides to keep my information safe and secure and I could not have asked for an easier time of things.
Bill made it SUPER easy to get the much needed health insurance that I have needed for A LONG TIME. I was always overwhelmed by thought of shopping for health insurance as a self employed business owner. He took the time, explained everything, followed up and got me a plan within my budget that covered all of what I needed. It was quick and painless! He made strides to keep my information safe and secure and I could not have asked for an easier time of things.
Bill Green and his team are committed to helping meet our needs. He has been great explaining insurance plans and helping find the right plan for you.
Bill helped us get quality health insurance and dental insurance at the best cost. He was very fast, knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough, and helped us find the best quality deals. His customer service is excellent and he didn't seem to mind answering any of my questions. We definitely would recommend him for anyone in need of finding insurance!Update: Bill Green is not only knowledgeable but also magical. This man is now my hero. I screwed our insurance coverage up somehow and reached out to him to see if he could help me fix it. He not only miraculously undid everything I never meant to do but got us the same kind of coverage at a lower cost and saved us from paying a massive premium just to keep our insurance. He's a miracle worker guys, 10/10 would definitely recommend him to any and everyone!
My visit with Mr. Green was very satisfactory! He is an expert in his field and extremely helpful. My search for health insurance from what I currently have has been frightful just thinking about it. I heard about Mr. Bill Green by word of mouth. I set up an appointment with him and not only found coverage for health, dental and vision that satisfied my family’s needs but, also set up a date and time to come in and purchase the plans with Mr. Green in the near future! He also assured me he could help with investments as soon as I am ready. It was so easy! My rating would well exceed 5 stars if that was possible! This just became my #1 business meeting experience for ease, clarity,and affordable plans. 😊👍
Bill Green insurance has been a lifesaver for me. He & his staff are amazing. Very caring & patient. We lost our insurance through my husband's company & I had no idea where to start. I was referred to Bill & he helped me every step of the way from health, dental & accidental insurance. Along with Bill, Erika has helped me with filling all my claims & questions. You couldn't ask for a better place.
The people here at Green Insurance Agency are very knowledgeable and helpful about all things Medicare. They are willing to answer questions, discuss options and explain things well. They respond to emails, calls,etc. in a timely manner. They make a point of checking with us to see how how things are going with our insurance coverage.
Bill Green is definitely the most caring and knowledgeable Insurance person. He is totally the "go to" agency. Every year he spends as much time with you as necessary. He's got your back!!
Very helpful, with health insurance and Medicare, nicest man you will ever meet.
Very knowledgeable. Very patient. Very nice and easy to talk to. He was a huge help to me.
Bill is extremely helpful and accommodating. He totally understands health care and is able to explain things simply and thoroughly. With his help, I significantly reduced my monthly premium while still maintaining the coverage. I will be transitioning to Medicare mid year and I expect it to be very smooth with Bill’s help!
he is very informational an has good information to share with one in all areas of Insurance.
Bill Green is the quintessential professional who has his mindset and heart aligned in helping his clients and prospects (soon to be clients) become more secure financially in both product and knowledge. Take advantage of having a coffee with Bill. You, your family and your legacy will be thankful!
Bill is very nice and good to talk to ... he explains everything thing so well and is very kind.
I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in these matters. Thank you so much Bill ...🙏🙏
Very knowledgeable and courteous
mr bill is just plain and simple the best he will help you with all your needs as far as insurance he will call you back he will check on you he is the best he realy knows his job and does it well i would request him anytime
Bill really cares about the senior population he serves and it shows. He goes above and beyond to help them.
Bill did a great job explaining Medicare for us in a very hands on way.
He knows what you need and how to help you And he is a well matter man
Mr. Green has been a
great financial adviser. I have followed his advice in reference to investing and I've come out ahead of the game and I'm doing well.🇺🇸️
Hi Bill isn't it great that Jesus saves.
I would absolutely recommend Bill! He helped my brother who has cancer get insurance when no one else would or when they denied him. He is professional, responsive, kind and can help anyone with health insurance. My brother and family cannot say enough kind words and thank you's to Bill.

He also helped my mom a couple years ago. Bill came to my mothers house and helped us figure out her Medicare. He saved her a lot of money on her prescription plan.

Bill is the only person I would use or recommend. THANK YOU BILL!!!!!
Bill is very knowledgeable and helped us in our needs for Medicare insurance. He explains all of it in an understandable way. He has a very pleasant manner and takes time to listen and understand your needs and answer your questions. We highly recommend him
Bill is amazing and very knowledgeable. If you have questions about Medicare call Bill, he can answer all your questions.
You cannot find anybody like Bill to go above and beyond for somebody. He helped me with my Medicare and my insurance. He is somebody that I would recommend to everyone. When I call He was always ready to help.
There are no words to describe how helpful and great bill green has been. I’ve worked with him so many times before but this time he was really amazing. He’s very honest and fast to reply. I will keep recommending many people to him
Bill is knowledgeable and personable. He has been extremely helpful to me & my family. I have had a Medicare plan for two years and have never encountered a problem. All medical expenses have been paid.
I met Bill when he knocked on my door last year. His professionalism and demeanor were the first things that impressed me. It takes a special person to knock on the doors of strangers. I purchased all
my insurance from him an hour later. When he became an investment counselor, I moved all my investments to him. Anytime I call his cell number, he answers “Hey Terry” That’s the type of personal service I expect but rarely receive from any company! He’s the best!
Bill is very helpful and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.
Bill is super knowledgeable and explained all the products and programs he has to offer through Bankers Life. As an accountant, my clients trust me and are always asking me if I "know someone" when it comes to insurance and financial products. I'm glad I have Bill as a resource.
Bill is an exceptional agent, consistently willing to go the extra mile!