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A Top Rated Fernandina Beach Medicare Agency

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Green Insurance agents specialize in Medicare, and our agents work for you and not the insurance company. The Green Insurance Agency has many years of experience in Medicare help. The focus is primarily on educating you about Medicare and Medicare options. Once educated, you can make an informed decision on your healthcare!

What is Medicare?

Medicare is health insurance for two groups of people. The first is those age 65 plus as well as those who are medically disabled by the Social Security Administration. People who are eligible for Original Medicare are eligible to pair it with either a Medigap Plan (also known as Medicare Supplements) and Part D Plan or a Part C Plan, also called Medicare Advantage Plan. Some of these plans include: Dental, Vision, Hearing and Fitness Memberships. We will discuss general information about Medicare and coverages available to go along with it. You can request a personalized one on one meeting with the form below.

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Great insurance agent. Always professional and easy to work with. Spends the time to make sure you understand your plans!
Best agent ever. Will continue to send friends and anyone who needs his help.
I was very pleased with my experience with this agency . They were very helpful in getting me what I needed.
I was referred to Green Insurance Agency and I am very happy with the plan I chose for Medicare. Bill Mertens presented various plans suited to my medical needs and budget. There was no pressure to choose a certain plan and I felt confident with the choice I made.
Bill is the most patient insurance agent ever. He's always taking the time to explain our options. He never steers us wrong! Thanks, Bill!
Bill does an amazing job of making sure you have the best insurance available... 100% recommended
Bill spent a lot of time and was very patient in helping me select an ACA plan that worked as I transitioned from COBRA. His office staff is equally as helpful and friendly. Very glad I found Green Insurance.
Teresa has been a gem about handling anything that has come up concerning our health insurance. She doesn't consider anything above her to get worked out. She is quite an asset to Green Insurance Company.
They are very helpful. When we need help they are always there to help with a smile.
Bill Green and staff member, Erica, are wonderful. I have been so well taken care of and informed.Erica goes above and beyond to help me with any insurance I have had.I feel so fortunate to have them in my corner and my life.
Working with Bill Green with Green Insurance Agency was nothing but a pleasure. He helped me navigate what was a very confusing process. With Bill"s help, it was clear, consise, and painless. There was never any pressure.Not only did he hook me up with health insurance, but at a later time, he helped me with life and dental insurance. My calls and questions were always answered promptly. A Bill takes pleaure in helping people, and he does it well.
Quick and easy medicare advantage enrollment. All options were given and suitable plan was recommended, I concured, and Bob's yer uncle. Thanks Bill Mertens.
Bill & his staff were extremely helpful during the whole process. We really appreciate their efforts.
Bill took time to sit with my mom and explain her Medicare coverage in a way she could understand, even encouraging her to keep what she has rather than get coverage through him.
Extremely helpful. Saved me a lot of time. Answered all questions and then some I didn't even ask, but would be very good to know.
Knowledge and friendly service
Bill is highly informed & made me and my daughter comfortable knowing we are in good hands with someone who has our best interests at the forefront of our insurance needs.
Bill Green is amazing to talk to about your insurance needs.
Bill Mertens was extremely helpful and professional. He answered all my questions took the time to explain every detail to me and ended up getting me more for less money I could not be happier. I highly recommend this company.
My mother had a lovely experience here. They call back within 24 hours, like they said. They are compassionate and kind. They went beyond her expectations when solving her challenges. Highly recommend!
They explained the medicare options quite well so I had a good understanding of choices. Made it easy for me to choose the right plan for me. The whole process was painless compared to some other agents I had spoken with and made it confusing! Thank you for everything.
Green Insurance has been helpful at every turn. They have definitely taken the worry of insurance away as my family relocates to the Jacksonville area.
They helped me get signed up with Medicare, and Erica stuck with it to work through any complications. Much appreciated.
I was made aware of Mr. Green’s insurance agency via the Baker County News and Information. All I can say is I have never felt more comfortable and welcomed when working with an insurance agent. He immediately started informing me of different health insurance programs for me and my husband.
This was 6 months ago. At the time, I told him I would soon be retiring and would have some money to invest. I brought him the paperwork to complete for investing and within an hour, all forms were filled out and sent by mail. Mr. Green is well informed and knowledgeable of the insurance world and also knowledgeable of investing money. I would recommend Mr. Green to anyone who was in search of insurance for health or money investments. He gets a 5 Star Review from me.
Bonnie Jay
Worked with me to solve my insurance needs even to the point of getting licensed in my state. So far everything as worked as planned.
Bill was very helpful in navigating through my insurance perils for the past few years. I’m not sure how I could have done it without his knowledge and willingness to answer my endless questions.
Bill made it SUPER easy to get the much needed health insurance that I have needed for A LONG TIME. I was always overwhelmed by thought of shopping for health insurance as a self employed business owner. He took the time, explained everything, followed up and got me a plan within my budget that covered all of what I needed. It was quick and painless! He made strides to keep my information safe and secure and I could not have asked for an easier time of things.
Very knowledgeable. Very patient. Very nice and easy to talk to. He was a huge help to me.
Bill is extremely helpful and accommodating. He totally understands health care and is able to explain things simply and thoroughly. With his help, I significantly reduced my monthly premium while still maintaining the coverage. I will be transitioning to Medicare mid year and I expect it to be very smooth with Bill’s help!
he is very informational an has good information to share with one in all areas of Insurance.
Bill Green is the quintessential professional who has his mindset and heart aligned in helping his clients and prospects (soon to be clients) become more secure financially in both product and knowledge. Take advantage of having a coffee with Bill. You, your family and your legacy will be thankful!
Bill is very nice and good to talk to ... he explains everything thing so well and is very kind.
I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in these matters. Thank you so much Bill ...🙏🙏
Very knowledgeable and courteous
mr bill is just plain and simple the best he will help you with all your needs as far as insurance he will call you back he will check on you he is the best he realy knows his job and does it well i would request him anytime
Bill really cares about the senior population he serves and it shows. He goes above and beyond to help them.
Bill did a great job explaining Medicare for us in a very hands on way.
He knows what you need and how to help you And he is a well matter man
Mr. Green has been a
great financial adviser. I have followed his advice in reference to investing and I've come out ahead of the game and I'm doing well.🇺🇸️
Hi Bill isn't it great that Jesus saves.
I would absolutely recommend Bill! He helped my brother who has cancer get insurance when no one else would or when they denied him. He is professional, responsive, kind and can help anyone with health insurance. My brother and family cannot say enough kind words and thank you's to Bill.

He also helped my mom a couple years ago. Bill came to my mothers house and helped us figure out her Medicare. He saved her a lot of money on her prescription plan.

Bill is the only person I would use or recommend. THANK YOU BILL!!!!!
Bill is amazing and very knowledgeable. If you have questions about Medicare call Bill, he can answer all your questions.
You cannot find anybody like Bill to go above and beyond for somebody. He helped me with my Medicare and my insurance. He is somebody that I would recommend to everyone. When I call He was always ready to help.
There are no words to describe how helpful and great bill green has been. I’ve worked with him so many times before but this time he was really amazing. He’s very honest and fast to reply. I will keep recommending many people to him
Bill is knowledgeable and personable. He has been extremely helpful to me & my family. I have had a Medicare plan for two years and have never encountered a problem. All medical expenses have been paid.
I met Bill when he knocked on my door last year. His professionalism and demeanor were the first things that impressed me. It takes a special person to knock on the doors of strangers. I purchased all
my insurance from him an hour later. When he became an investment counselor, I moved all my investments to him. Anytime I call his cell number, he answers “Hey Terry” That’s the type of personal service I expect but rarely receive from any company! He’s the best!
Bill is very helpful and easy to work with. I highly recommend him.
Bill is super knowledgeable and explained all the products and programs he has to offer through Bankers Life. As an accountant, my clients trust me and are always asking me if I "know someone" when it comes to insurance and financial products. I'm glad I have Bill as a resource.